"In today's world, too many people don’t take the time to get to know the client, really earn their trust."

Brendan Turnbull

Brendan is the founder of Front Row Financial. He’s an experienced private banker who has always prided himself on relationships with clients. During Brendan’s career at Westpac, many of his clients were elite, with high-level financial needs. Brendan was known as a banker who could be trusted to deliver tailor-made solutions to their financial questions. He received many national awards at Westpac for this work.

Brendan’s progress at Westpac quickly led him to a career crossroads: did he progress to management level or did he stick with what he really loved, which was working directly with clients? Brendan stayed with his passion and began Front Row Financial Management, using his network of expert advisers and his insight into how banks lend money. Brendan’s Front Row clients now benefit from that experience and those networks to assist in their pursuit of their financial dreams.

Like the old-fashioned bank manager, Front Row Financial Management works face-to-face with clients, building friendships and partnerships to help with every step of their financial journey. We are the sounding board for family finances, drawing on our expertise in cashflow and debt management, and introducing specialists who are the right fit for our clients and their families – creating a team with whom they are completely comfortable.

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re saving for your first deposit or building your property empire. Front Row’s services stay the same regardless of your wealth – and that means you get our absolute personal attention, private banking experience and a genuine commitment to helping you succeed.

Front Row does not stick clients into one-size-fits-all solutions. We tailor everything to our clients’ needs. We’re not just a mortgage broker. We’re financial project managers, and we work with our clients and their advisors to turn their financial plans into reality.

Steve Dionysius

Some of Steve Dionysius’ toughest calls have been as an umpire in Queensland Cricket’s development squad. That role has taught him plenty about being a good communicator. And it sparked his switch from a private banker in Australia’s leading banks to a key role in Front Row Financial Management.

“You are making big decisions on the field and you have to be able to explain them to players,’’ Steve says. “It’s not rocket science. It is communicating. It’s the same in business. You have to ask clients what they want to achieve. They often don’t know and it is purely because they have never been asked the question.’’

Steve followed his father into banking, starting a 15-year career at Heritage, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac. Steve has managed the private wealth of some of the nation’s best-known athletes. The father of three knows the challenges facing families as they pursue the dream of owning their own home.  “I worked for two of the largest banks and I could only sell their products. Now I have access to 25 to 30 lenders. My experience helps clients, including mums and dads seeking their goals.’’

Claire Robinson

One of Claire Robinson’s earliest memories of primary school was being allowed to work up two grades in maths after her teachers noticed something extraordinary about her understanding of numbers. It’s been a lifelong passion, which has outlasted forays into the study areas of engineering, psychology and nutrition. Claire’s passion for numbers and people is now being fulfilled as she joins Front Row Financial Management in Brisbane.

Claire has a unique understanding of the financial industry thanks to her parents, who are both long-standing members of the banking industry. Claire also has insights into the workings of a global bank, having spent two years at the coalface of customer relations at Morgan Stanley in Brisbane. Her focus on the financial needs of customers has developed over years of working for Optus as a key part of the sales team.

Claire is focussed on helping Front Row Financial’s clients reach their goals.  ”I have definitely learnt a lot about myself,’’ Claire says. “I relate to people and I make connections easily. In this role, I feel I can do what I love and still work with numbers.’’