“Complex financial portfolios require detailed, personalised attention. Front Row offers the private banking of the past, with the relationships and knowledge now to help you secure your future.”

Private clients

Every bank essentially offers its clients the same services: a private banker and access to a wide range of specialists. Drawing on his extensive experience in private banking, Brendan offers a dedicated, independent relationship management service to a select group of high net worth clients.

Brendan is comfortable in the high-level financial worlds of wholesale funds, foreign currency and hedging exposure. He has the knowledge, experience and professional contacts to negotiate bespoke solutions for clients.

Private clients need partners who provide generational stability. Staff turnover within major banks often frustrates this need. Front Row Financial Management, in contrast, offers a distinct alternative: the advantage of a long-term partnership.

As a dedicated relationship manager, Brendan has strong general knowledge across every area of clients’ finances. His role is not to provide advice but give his clients comfort that someone understands the structures and strategies they have in place to ensure their needs are met. Brendan coordinates the different experts you need – from stockbrokers to financial planners, accountants, lawyers and fund managers – and offers his experience and insights as extra layers of protection.

His focus ensures you get the right services when you need them, from the right person and for the right price, with all services linking back to the same, strong strategy.

Work with Front Row Financial Management to form a relationship that will last your lifetime.